“…Everyone I have spoken to is still buzzing about your performances. You were absolutely awesome and a pleasure to work with.  I will definitely be booking you again in the not too distant future…” – London 2012 Olympic Road Cycling Race.  Lucy Hanson – Event Organizer. 

“…Puncture Kit gave a great pre show atmosphere and got the crowd going before the band even arrived at the venue…” – Support for Florence and The Machine. Simon Fell, Head of entertainment, Alexandra Palace London


“You were absolutely fantastic and certainly helped to make Yorkshire the place to be for the Grand Depart!” – Abbe Robinson, Project Officer Leeds City Council.

“…He’s brilliant – he played at the Speigeltent in May, hearing him with heavy bass lines and a full sound system was amazing…” – Mellita Dennett, BBC Radio

“…Puncture Kit was a fantastic asset to our after-party, his ability to switch from his usual upbeat, fast – paced drumming to a more jazzy, laid back style suited our venue perfectly. The drumming gave the party a great atmosphere throughout the night and we got a brilliant response from our guests – we would highly recommend him!…”– Frith Street Gallery

“…Puncture Kit was amazing! Although he did confuse the museum staff at the Victoria & Albert Museum initially, (they didn’t want to let him in because they thought it was just a regular bike!). But once we explained, everything went off great. A solid performance with lots of variety. We received positive feedback from clients and customers alike…” – Big Group, London

“David from Puncture Kit participated at VisitBritain’s annual b2b event called Destination Britain APMEA in May 2014.  The event was held in Kuala Lumpur and is a platform for travel buyers from across the APMEA region with 21 countries attending to be put in touch with UK travel suppliers.  The aim of the event is to bring Britain to life and encourage more Britain product to be developed and be made available to consumers across Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We invited David from Puncture Kit to perform to showcase one of Britain’s key events this year which was the Tour de France which was taking place in Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire in 2014.  David’s performance was innovative and incredibly impactful in ensuring that the delegates sat up and took notice of what the event was all about.  David ensured that he was fully briefed on the dates of the event and where it would take place so that he could interact with the travel trade and encourage their interest.  He also told the audience about his personal experiences of cycling around Britain which went down incredible well.  I would wholeheartedly recommend David if you are considering him for an event” – Carol Maddison, VISIT BRITAIN, B2B and Insights Manager Asia Pacific and Middle East

“High octane percussion beats that wiggle the hips and move the feet all coming from a bicycle drum kit, amazing!” – Michael Pirie, Director 2013 Brit Awards After Party.

Review of “The Bicycle Drummer” Album from Brighton Source Music Magazine.

You may well have spotted Puncture Kit’s David Osborne busking around Brighton: he’s the fellow who fires off pummelling percussion workouts on his upended cycle-cum-drum kit. A whole album of deep drumming on the modified bike is a pretty specific listen, but Osborne and studio partner Casto’s dnb sensibilities feed deceptive pans, tweaks and dubs into the mix, making stretches of ‘The Bicycle Drummer’ work as effectively as stripped down, beat heavy techo.
Unexpectedly diverse and undeniably unique (SH) – Brighton Source music magazine.

Review of “The Bicycle Drummer” Album from


 “…We featured Puncture Kit (David Osborne to his mum) way back in issue 1 of Boneshaker, which seems like a lifetime ago now – since then he’s gone on to play at Glastonbury Festival and Milan Design Fair, at Alexandra Palace London playing support before The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine and Bombay Bicycle Club, even at the London 2012 Olympic road cycling events. So we were delighted when he got in touch to tell us he’s just released his debut album, The Bicycle Drummer. Cycling’s all about rhythm. About going your own way, doing your own thing. So a drum kit mounted on a bike makes a lot of sense, especially when it’s played with this kind of freewheeling skill…

It’s a blast, and surprisingly varied too, when you consider it’s basically ten extended drum solos, each recorded in one take, with minimal overdubs. There’s samba and afro-beat, jungle and hip hop, crisp minimalism, fun-loving party tracks and clinical rhythmic workouts. Fittingly enough, it works a treat as cycling music. Now I know that riding with headphones is frowned upon by many – there’s a time and a place for it, and it’s never a good idea to turn it up too loud in heavy traffic – but it shouldn’t be banned or anything; anyone who calls for that should also call for a ban on cars with roofs and stereos, or face being called a hypocrite. Anyway – back to business, to this marvelous album. As I was saying, it’s great headphone music, the crisp snare, the little hi-hat kisses, the immaculate production panning the beats back and forth through your head. It’s a rich, rewarding percussive feast – soundtrack for an almighty booty shake. Question is, can you dance and cycle at the same time?…”

Article thanks to IDRUM Magazine – Sept. 2012. Issue 12 page 19.


Performance review from DO THE GREEN THING – 24/07/12

“…I was walking down Oxford Street on Saturday, bitterly regretting my decision as I battled with crowds and the first unexpected blast of British sunshine when I heard some incredible drumming.

Drawn across the street to find out where it was coming from I looked down an alleyway and there was a man playing drums on an upturned single speed bike. A big crowd soon appeared, attracted like I was to the fantastic music. After a few minutes of staring open mouthed at the drummer, I turned to watch the reactions on peoples faces as they rounded the corner from ‘wow this is good’ to ‘oh my god he’s playing a bike’. This was almost as brilliant as the drumming itself.

David Osborne is the man behind Puncture Kit. This Australian bicycle lover hit upon the idea of a bike drum kit one day when he was fixing a puncture on his upturned bike in Green Park and thought ‘you could put drums on this’.

The drum kit can be attached whenever and wherever David wants. Then when he’s finished, he just packs it up and rides away. Without doubt, this is one of the best bike hacks we’ve ever seen.

And clearly we aren’t the only ones to think so. David is the official drummer for the Olympic road cycling race on the 28th July and he has taken his drum-bike as far afield as Malawi. He has appeared on Blue Peter, played support for Florance and the Machine and Puncture Kit has pedaled it’s way to many school visits.

And of course, he also finds time to set up around London and wow people like me.

I fully recommend listening to some of his drumming here. And if you ever hear some amazing music when you’re out and about, always drop whatever you’re doing and go check it out. You never know what you might stumble across.

Puncture Kit certainly made my day. And I hope it brightens up yours too…”